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We excel in facilitating the sale or purchase of existing Main Street Businesses…

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Advanced Business Brokerage is comprised of a staff of Experienced Professional Intermediaries. The partners in the firm have committed to continuing education and certification, and each maintain those level of credentials.

Our purpose is to assist individuals in every aspect of business whether it’s…


We understand the importance of confidentiality as that it is the #1 concern among business sellers. Our Intermediaries are Certified by the IBBA, International Business Brokers Association.

Advanced Business Brokerage is made up of a group of precisely selected business professionals. With over 125

years of combined hands on experience in the Corporate World, Business Ownership, and the Business Brokerage Industry, our Professionals have direct experience in the Legal Profession, Retail, IT, Media, Health Care, and Food Service. We bring to the table hands on experience, attention to detail, commitment to continuing education, and the desire to assist individuals in creating a seamless transaction.


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06 Jul Learn the Dynamics and Save the Deal

Many business owners are unfamiliar with the dynamics of selling a company, because they have never done so. There are numerous possible “deal breakers.” Being aware of the following pitfalls and their remedies should help prevent the possibility of an aborted transaction. Neglecting the ...

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24 May Why Deals Fall Apart — Loss of Momentum

Deals fall apart for many reasons – some reasonable, others unreasonable. For example: • The seller doesn't have all his financials up to date. • The seller doesn't have his legal/environmental/administrative affairs up to date. • The buyer can't come up with the necessary financing. • The well known “surprise”...

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